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Improve Website Search Ranking

All small business owners know the Internet is extremely competitive, the big companies have a strong marketing advantage, and high search engine ranking determines the difference between online success and failure. The question is: what to do about it?

If your web pages do not rank on page 1 or 2 of Google and you are not getting positive search results from your website, we can help.

Search Engine Optimization / Organic SEO Services

BayNet Web Services has a proven record of helping well over 100 small businesses achieve high ranking with our search engine optimization (SEO) services. We have written the textual content for hundreds of web pages with keyword-rich text that is clear to the human reader, while beneficial to achieving high search ranking in Google. (Note: Google commands approximately 90% of the search engine market, with Bing and Yahoo far behind).

We believe that a core marketing strategy for every small business should be to acquire new customers and clients through high search engine ranking. There are only two ways to attain high search engine ranking:

  1. Google Adwords: (also called Pay Per Click) - Setting a monthly budget with Google, bidding on keywords, and paying every time your website receives a 'click' on these paid "sponsored links." This becomes very costly with no guarantee of successful results.
  2. Organic Search: (also called Natural Search) - Having a well-written website that is saturated with the keywords & keyword phrases that your customers are typing into their online searches. You do not have to pay Google for organic searches. Once your web page text is written with quality SEO, you don't pay for search services again - (unless you want to update/upgrade web content).

Organic SEO is Affordable & Highly Effective

We are organic search specialists. If your website is written properly with the right mix of keywords, keyword phrases, and geographic terms (if applicable), your site will achieve high rankings in Google. According to the leading SEO industry analysts, 85% of users click on organic search results.

More website visitors will translate into more calls, more sales, and more profits. We can help you achieve the high ranking and success you desire with our proven SEO expertise in getting web pages closer to the top of Google listings.

Our affordable SEO web content writing services are priced at $50 per hour. A final price can be pre-determined for each SEO job, or you can set your own SEO budget and select the number of hours for the desired task. We can upgrade existing text or can write all web page content 'from scratch.'

Experienced SEO Writer with Proven Results

Over the past twenty years, John C. Souza has written the textual content on hundreds of web pages for numerous MA & RI small business clients in many different fields. Dozens of BayNet clients have achieved excellent search ranking in their specific product/services categories, which has led to more calls, inquiries, and improved sales.

John can revise, improve, and optimize the content of current web pages to improve search ranking, or write completely new, updated web page content that is built with strong, proven keywords and Google keyword suggestions.

Some of the important SEO writing considerations John applies to website projects include:

  • Conducting initial keyword analysis to determine client's current ranking
  • Conducting searches to determine best keyword phrases for each product/service
  • Following Google keyword suggestions & recommendations
  • Researching keywords used by high-ranking competitors
  • Determining strongest keywords for each specific web page of client's site
  • Updating keywords in < title tag > & < meta description tag > of each web page
  • Updating website's sitemaps (allows Google to efficiently 'crawl' site - helps SEO)

John received a Master of Arts Degree in Professional Writing from University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Graduate School in 2005. His 105-page Masters Thesis (in Technical Writing) was entitled: "Jump-start Your Website! A Search Engine Optimization Guide For Better Search Engine Ranking" - a guide for individuals, small businesses, and organizations.

With many years of experience in business, education, technology, web design, search engine optimization, and professional writing, John C. Souza is uniquely qualified to assist small businesses and organizations in the development of high-performance, high-ranking websites and online strategies that get results.