Web Edits / Website Maintenance

Our goal is to streamline the web editing process so it is quick, easy, and efficient !

Quick & Easy Website Edits - 4 Steps

1. Email your web edit request to: aaron@baynetwebservices.com.
Please list the specifics of the edits in detail; attach any content or images.

2. We will confirm receipt of your email and reply with an estimate & timeframe within 24 hours- (M-F); depending on the size & scope of the web edits, we will try to complete the job in 1-3 business days; larger edits will take longer.

3. We will contact you upon completion of the edits. You can review the edits for accuracy. Once approved, you can submit payment for the job.

4. Please make online payment on this web page, using the PayPal button at right. Upon receipt of your payment, we will post the edits live.

Web Edits / Website Maintenance Fees:

  • Routine web edits /website maintenance for BayNet clients (basic edits or modifications to existing content on existing web pages) is charged at a discounted rate of $50. per hour.
  • Web edits / website maintenance for BayNet clients which requires new Web Development (creating new web pages, new HTML/CSS/JavaScript coding, new jQuery photo sliders, etc.) is charged at a discounted rate of $50. per hour.
  • In most cases, routine website maintenance will be posted in 1-3 business days (depending on the volume of website maintenance requests). Maintenance requests are placed into a queue and are administered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • BayNet Web Services will not perform any new website maintenance or other new services for any client whose account is not current and up-to-date.


Quick & Easy Web Edits

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